8 Ways to Use Stone in Landscaping

8 ways to use stone in landscaping

Stones in landscaping are a beautiful way to add personality to your garden without changing the global trend towards sustainability. Stones can be used to create not only decorative installations but also functional elements of landscape design.

Landscape stone: paving walkways

Natural stone is an excellent material for creating garden walkways. Slabs of granite and sandstone, filling of marble chips or pebbles – and your walkways will be stylish and neat.

Retaining wall

With the help of a stone retaining wall, he can decorate the slopes and the garden, zone space, create multi-level flower beds and fences, strengthen the soil, protecting the site with a difference in height.

Dry stream

It’s a great idea to turn your landscaping stones into a dry stream. Also, you can discuss with the designer the construction of a decorative bridge. If you need to improve the ravine in your backyard, then you can order a functional bridge. This place will become attractive and visited by your family.

Czech rolling pin

The Czech rolling pin is a decorative element that is a more modern version of a rock garden, more aesthetic and functional. The peculiarity of the Czech rolling pin is the way of stacking stones of different thicknesses with an inclination or vertically to create an imitation of a rocky hill with unpretentious mountain plants. A role model is the rocky limestone outcrops.

Fire Pit

A stone fire pit combined with a stone-decorated platform is a stylish solution for a patio area. It is also a protection against weeds.

Landscape stone for garden bench

A garden bench in the patio area can be made according to the gabion pattern or completely stone, insulated with a wooden seat or mattresses with pillows. For the manufacture of stone benches, marble or limestone, granite, basalt and travertine are usually used.

Japanese rock garden

The three main components of the Japanese garden, which is created for relaxation and contemplation, are stones placed in a clear order, emphasizing their severity. Also, these are plants and a dump of stone chips to simulate waves.


The gabion is built from a wire-frame metal mesh and filled with stones. From gabions, they create spectacular fences, patio benches, and beautiful installations in the garden.

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