Composite vs Pressure treated deck

In case you are planning to add a beautiful piece of art as a deck on your back/front area of backyard, and still not sure which material to use? Actually, there are many options and we can help here.


What is composite? Composite deck boards are made of recycled material, plastic, wooden fiber.

First, how much money we can spend. Composite decks high cost and long warranty with not a lot of maintenance. Wooden decks lower cost and they can live up to 15 yrs. Composite decks can make it up to 50 yrs.

Second, the visual aspect of composite deck is higher then the ordinary pressure treated wood. You can choose different colour. The variety is pretty high. Pressure treated wood on the other hand has one type of brownish colour.

Composite deck

Pressure treated deck


Painting, Sanding, Sealing, Staining – all of this is required to be done in 2-5 years period to the wood. Almost no maintenance other then semi annual clean up . When talking about numbers, its going to cost you around 450-850 per year to maintain pressure treated deck and just 5-15 annually for the composite.


If comparing this two for safety reasons. Composite deck wins here as well. Wood-plastic is not going to splinter, split , crack or rot. Your bare feet can feel comfortable.

Visual aspect and longevity

Colour of composite deck doesn’t fade. Pressure treated wood has its natural colour of the wood aspect

Its pretty great for a long run. The cost is high but you can save on maintenance and longevity.

Warranty for up to 30 years on wood.


Every material has its own pros and cons. Taking in consideration all of the above you will be able to decide what is your perfect deck. Good luck !


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