Five Common Hardscape Problems We Can Help Repair

Five Common Hardscape Problems We Can Help Repair

When you’ve completed your new hardscape project, you’re obviously happy! Your walkway and driveway look perfect! But after a while, you may encounter problems such as cracks, bumps, stains. Today, we will talk about common paving problems and tell you how Supreme Contractors Group deals with them.

Chipped Or Stained Pavers

We see many courtyards with chips or stains on walkways, driveways and patios. Paving stones can be stained with vehicle oil. In winter, salt makes this problem worse. Paving stones are chipped due to excessive load. For example, these are heavy vehicles. Also, incorrect initial laying can lead to chips when the base has not been levelled and strengthened. Nature can also cause destruction. To illustrate, these are overgrown tree roots.

Supreme Contractors Group removes stains with a solution of hydrochloric acid, clean the stain and then rinse them from a hose under strong water pressure. If the stain is too strong to clean, we remove the stained paving stone and replace it with another element. We replace the chipped paving stones with a new one, appropriate.

Moss Or Weeds In Paver Joints

If dust and dirt accumulate at the joints between the paving stones, moss and weeds quickly take up space. We spray with herbicide to kill the weeds. Then we clean the joints and replace the sand. Finally, we apply a sealant to the joints to prevent future dust and dirt from entering. This approach fixes the problem for up to 3-5 years.

White Coating On Pavers

The main material for the manufacture of paving stones is concrete containing lime. Toronto’s cool and humid weather brings the calcium of lime to the surface. As a result, we see a white coating on the paving stones. Supreme Contractors Group removes this plaque with a hydrochloric acid solution and degreaser to restore the original colour.

Cracked Concrete Sidewalks

Applying winter salt can crack concrete paths. Also, tree roots that grow underneath can cripple concrete.We remove the cracked area by replacing the gravel base and pouring a new area of concrete. If tree roots are to blame, our experienced specialists assess the situation and carefully prune the damaged root. Such procedures must be entrusted to professionals since root pruning is not always acceptable and can harm the health of the tree. Sometimes the only solution is to move the concrete to the side.

Sinking Pavers Or Concrete

Improper water drainage is often the cause of paving stones and concrete sinking. In this case, the water erodes the base of the paving stones and they sink. Supreme Contractors Group removes such paving stones and evaluates the drainage condition. As a result of this assessment, we may propose to install drainage drains to remove water and/or add gravel for drainage. After fixing the problem, we will carry out restoration work to replace the base and paving stones.

If you ignore the problems of paving stones, the situation will worsen. Toronto’s harsh winter climate will accelerate the destruction. Neglected problems may require more radical solutions and higher costs. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to this on time!

Supreme Contractors Group will be happy to help you repair paving stones that have been destroyed by time and weather. Also, we are ready to correct the mistakes of paving stones made by other companies. In this case, we will remove the damaged areas of the paving stones, check and fix the base and drainage. Then, we will replace the damaged areas of the paving stone with new elements.

Supreme Contractors Group will be happy to help you realize your project related to the renovation of an old or the creation of a new facility. Every day we set up quality, long-term hardscape projects. If you are not yet a Supreme Contractors Group customer, we would be delighted to add you to our growing list of happy customers in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today!

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