How can you make it easier for yourself to clear snow on the site?

How you can make it easier for yourself to clear snow on the site

At the end of winter, the amount of snowfall increased. You spend your energy every day cleaning snow, don’t you? Let’s discuss how you can make it easier for yourself to clear snow on the site.

Arrange heating in stairs and walkways

For easy ice removal, take care of heating surfaces in advance. Also, heating can preserve hedges in frost conditions, which do not tolerate mechanical cleaning.
Important! Ice crust on the stairs is a factor of injury. Therefore, staircase heating is essential not only from the practical side but also to ensure safety.

Stairs, platforms, curbs are faced with tiles, paving stones, concrete. We offer touse thermal tape for heating. This tape locates under the finishing layer. To reduce the likelihood of ice, you need to make all elements with a slope for natural drainage.

Mechanical cleaning of snow and ice

For convenience and greater productivity, the walkways and the area can clean using various techniques. The choice of method depends on the size of your site. Choose a shovel depending on the width of the walkways. A manual snowblower will only pass at a distance from edge to edge of at least 80 cm. For a snowblower, the length must be at least 1.25 m.

Place of “disposal” of snow

You need to think about the place where you will remove the snow after cleaning. Suppose you distribute snow inside the backyard. In that case, you need to proceed as follows: rake the snow along the edges of the field and collect the pieces of ice and crust separately. Snow removal should be cyclical and regular. It is not necessary to accumulate large piles of snow to burden yourself with cleaning activities. The principle of maintaining a constant order is essential.

Do you use reagents?

Halite (unfiltered salt), calcium chloride, and edible salt often protect ice formation surfaces. Salt is convenient and available to solve the problem of icing, but there are a couple of negative nuances:

  • Salt spoils the quality of the soil, salting it out;
  • Salt and halite are incredibly harmful to pets and shoes.

Also, you can use sand or gravel. But in places where they are scattered, dirt will form. The area will require additional clearance.

Take care of your lawn!

The lawn is not a seasonal plant, and it is perennial. Therefore, after the snow melts, it will “rise” again. There are three essential rules to help preserve your lawn:

It is necessary to remove the crust over the lawn. If it is impossible to remove, then its surface must be destroyed, for example, with a stick. There is no need to go out on the lawn; it is better to pick up a long bar.
It is advisable to mow the lawn before winter. The cut grass has a high degree of frost resistance.
Before the beginning of winter, it is necessary to introduce nutrients into the soil contained in potassium fertilizers.

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