Landscape Townhouse Design

Landscape Townhouse Design

A townhouse with a small garden plot within the city limits is the dream of people who want to have their own holiday corner in the Greater Toronto area. The adjoining territory of the townhouse is so small that it seems that it is impossible to come up with something interesting here at all. Supreme Contractors Group knows how to properly arrange a small space!

Pros of a small townhouse area

Landscaping of a miniature plot has its advantages:

  • The plan for the arrangement of a small area is easier to create.
  • If there is room for only one functional area, you can beat it as a cozy space where all the residents of the house spend their time.
  • Short construction time. After three to four weeks, you can enjoy your vacation on the site.
  • Low costs.
  • No complications, no care problems.

Features of designing a landscape design for a townhouse

The customer’s wish, his main idea

The choice is determined by the family’s lifestyle. Children need a playground, parents need a barbecue area, athletes need a fitness corner. It will not be possible to place several zones in one small area, so you need to give preference to one or two.

Features of the location of the house

The territory is shaded by buildings, fences of neighboring areas. The choice of plants when drawing up a plan should be based on this. In addition, it is not necessary to grow something here, you can arrange a gazebo or a barbecue area.

The geometric shape of the site

Too elongated shape, it is desirable to visually expand, and narrow it wide. This is done using plants of contrasting size, cascading structures, alpine slides, living green fences.

The townhouse territory improvement project includes several plans and solutions to design problems

  • Drawing up a sketch of the site;
  • General Plan;
  • An assortment of plants;
  • Scheme-plan for auto watering and drainage systems;
  • Lighting plan;
  • Center drawing;
  • Coverage plan;
  • Fencing plan;
  • Landing drawing.

Principles and rules for landscaping a townhouse

A competently drawn up project of work, a creative approach is necessary to create an original landscape design, especially in a limited space. Supreme Contractors Group offers the following principles for the design of a miniature territory:

  • Functionality and minimalism. One element is enough to draw attention to itself. Many types of plants create a sense of chaos, look tasteless.
  • Don’t mix styles. You cannot do more than two zones here. Creating them in different styles looks ridiculous.
  • Simplified style. Clear lines, asymmetry is suitable for a townhouse improvement project.
  • All these principles are feasible subject to the following design nuances.

Options to visually expand the site in landscape design

  • To maintain balance, visual expansion of space, use the following techniques:
  • Tall plants are planted at distant borders, and shrubs or flowers are closer to the center.
  • Leave many flat areas covered with lawns.
  • A lawn is in the center, and a path of natural stone is laid around.
  • Laying out dotted winding walkways.
  • Flowers of cold shades are planted around the perimeter of the site.

Supreme Contractors Group will be happy to help you realize your project related to the renovation of an old or the creation of a new facility. Every day we set up quality, long-term hardscape projects. If you are not yet a Supreme Contractors Group customer, we would be delighted to add you to our growing list of happy customers in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today!

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