Landscaping Design Costs & Estimates in Great Toronto Area

Landscaping Design Costs & Estimates in Great Toronto Area

Landscape design allows you to create a beautiful, harmonious, carefully thought-out space on the garden plot. You can landscape and plant greenery with your own hands, but only with a professional approach can you achieve the desired result. At the same time, many customers are interested in how much landscape design costs. The final cost of the service is formed based on various factors. To understand what determines the cost of landscape design, let’s talk about it in more detail.

Landscape design of any complexity includes certain types of work depending on the wishes of the customer and the tasks set. For example,

  • site research;
  • development of a construction and landscaping plan;
  • if necessary, obtaining construction permits;
  • interlocking walkways and driveways and/or concrete paving;
  • construction of facilities such as a deck, gazebo, patio, children’s playground, retaining walls, stairs, etc.
  • creation of an automatic watering system;
  • drainage system device;
  • selection and planting of plants.

Creating a concept for a future site is a painstaking work of employees of various profiles. If you want your garden to become an integral space and fully meet your preferences, a preliminary visit of a specialist to the site is required. At this stage, the following types of work are carried out:

  • inspection of the territory and architectural forms;
  • study of soil, climatic features and relief;
  • taking measurements.

The correctness and accuracy of the design assignment depend on how carefully the information is collected during the visit of the specialist. At the stage of creating a plan, we can make changes at the request of the customer. This will clarify goals and increase satisfaction with the result.

The cost of landscape design depends on factors such as:

The complexity of the relief

Difficult relief requires the organization of a multi-level space, the creation of additional stairs and supporting walls, which will keep the relief from natural destruction. Working with difficult terrain increases the cost of a landscape designer. The increased cost is offset by a more interesting, multi-functional space.

Area of ​​the projected territory

This is simple math. The larger the area, the higher the cost of landscaping. Although with a large plot, you can save money by choosing the form of arrangement. For example, you can create a lawn over a larger area.


The choice of materials plays a big role in pricing. Depending on the scope of work, we will determine the number of materials required. Further, we will offer you to choose different solutions by type, quality and supplier.

Volume and complexity of work

When the project plan is created, we understand what and how many specialists we must attract to implement your idea. The size of the team directly affects the construction time frame.

Remember that early orders before the start of the construction season will help you keep your landscaping costs down.

The exact cost of landscape design depends on the complexity of the project, the characteristics of the site and the terrain. If you do not need an integrated approach, you can order certain types of work, which will allow you to significantly save money. Supreme Contractors Group will help you find the most optimal solutions when correcting the existing landscape on your site. Also, you can use our services for regular site maintenance. This will provide an impeccable view of your territory and preserve the result of the landscape company for a long time.

Supreme Contractors Group will be happy to help you realize your project related to the renovation of an old or the creation of a new facility. Every day we set up quality, long-term hardscape projects. If you are not yet a Supreme Contractors Group customer, we would be delighted to add you to our growing list of happy customers in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us today!

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