Landscaping Trends in 2021

Landscaping trends in 2021

The past year has brought many changes to our lives. Changing lifestyles have influenced trends in landscape design and architecture. Society has new demands such as social distancing, extended family space, working from home, children’s entertainment, and stress reduction. These needs are reflected in design ideas. The main motives for landscape design are closeness to nature, rational use of space and sustainable designs, and transferring our usual indoor activities from home to open space. Today, we will tell you about the 8 main trends of the new year!

Going Native

The trend of getting closer to nature is becoming more popular every year. Designers and architects invite clients to take advantage of the opportunities of their sites and integrate the building and garden into the environment. Use native plants that can tolerate Toronto’s changeable climate. Such a garden feels good in conditions of rain, wind, drought, and sun. This way, you can afford not to worry too much about leaving.

Open space for living and relaxation

Regular lockdowns and social exclusion have raised the design requirements for a family site in 2021. Clients want a cozy open space that can be an extension of their home. Campfire pits and fireplaces continue to be a welcome part of outdoor living spaces as they can extend the indoor season as well as create a natural place to meet friends and family. Also, open living rooms, summer kitchens, decks remain relevant. Bring indoor entertainment areas outside! Add a gazebo to your outdoor kitchen to adapt it to rainy weather. Also, you might consider adding an outdoor TV or audio system.

Outdoor office

Many people continue to work remotely from home this year. They have difficulty separating work and home space, lack of sunlight, and the distribution of time between work and family. Taking office space into a separate block on your site will come to the rescue. You will get a full-fledged separate workspace close to nature with sufficient sunlight. Focus on work in an environment of nature and greenery!

Outdoor children’s playground

The trend of this time – children are constantly with us! Keep them busy with games and sports on the purpose-built play and sports field. Great opportunities are open before you: a play space with sand, wooden structures, a tree house, a children’s gazebo with toy cabinets, benches and pillows, sports equipment. Be sure to provide a safe, soft floor covering; so that falls do not cause bruises and tears. Create an engaging creative space for your kids!

Vertical gardens

As Toronto becomes more urbanized, there is less space for landscapes. Since the site is limited, customers want to use the small spaces they have to accommodate a rooftop or vertical garden. Placing vertical gardens requires careful planning and some construction to make the garden more functional, beautiful, and easier to maintain. The landscape designer will consider fusing the garden with the environment, sunlight for the plants, water diversion, and access to vertical plantings for maintenance.

Vegetable Garden

Creating a vegetable garden on your site will help you find a useful hobby, make your space more functional, introduce your children to the basics of farming, and bring wonderful, organic fruits and vegetables to your table. Place a couple of beds or a greenhouse in your backyard. A landscape designer can help you plan your garden. Mini watermelons, purple cauliflower, pumpkin tomatoes, purple bell peppers and tall basil – the options are endless! The variety of these plants not only looks great, but it also helps fight pests and eat a richer, more nutritious diet!

Water objects

In a city where the stress lies in wait for us at every turn, creating conditions for relaxation and meditation on your site becomes an absolute must. Therefore, reservoirs come to the fore: splashes of water and unobtrusive vibrations of the water surface have proven the healing effect and give the landscape a unique aesthetics. Trends in 2021 involve the use of both static (ponds, decorative swamps, water mirrors), and dynamic (streams, waterfalls, fountains) objects. Moreover, if the size of the landscape allows, several different water zones can be arranged.

Front porch living

Don’t forget about another part of the house in 2021 – the porch! As we strive to spend more time outdoors, the porch can no longer be just a place for packages and dirty shoes. Many of us are starting to return to the porch as a functional meeting place. Make your front porch welcoming for friends and family. This usually means picking out vibrant landscape elements, adding comfortable seating or benches, and incorporating low-maintenance shrubs. Enjoy every meter of your space!

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