This complete makeover aimed to create more usable space for the small yard at this lakeside cottage. Each new space was designed to be multi-functional. Taking cues from existing materials that were working, a new, programmable backyard was created and the front yard was opened up to create the illusion of more space.The aerial view illustrates the spaciousness of the new yard — including space for a storage shed, outdoor kitchen, hot tub, large patio, and lawn. By installing a new screen fence and moving the hot tub to the corner, the views from the yard are maintained, but the spaces in the middle are less encumbered. The new outdoor kitchen is close to everything, but out of the way. A fire pit table provides extra warmth and ambiance. An attractive storage shed helps to keep a tidy appearance throughout the yard. The new fence and gate open up this space, while the new bluestone path and patio draw the eye through the space, making it appear larger. The circular patio makes room for a dining table and breaks the linearity of the previous layout.

Project Works

Interlocking Walkway

Interlocking Patio

Outdoor Kitchen

Fire Pit

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